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THiCket Raygun Torch Lighter, with Adjustable Flame and Safety Lock (Black)

Multipurpose Marvel: Ideal for indoor and outdoor activities, from lighting candles, grills, and fireplaces to camping and more. A must-have for your kitchen and cooking needs.

Refillable & Convenient: Easily refillable using standard butane cans (not included). Just turn the torch upside down and give a few short 1-second spurts.

Safety & Reliability: Crafted with premium-quality metal materials, featuring a stainless steel tip and a safety lock for secure storage. The lock, conveniently located below the trigger, ensures peace of mind.

Continuous Flame Option: Handheld and maneuverable, the Raygun Torch enables a continuous flame. Turn the yellow butane knob, click the trigger once, and enjoy seamless torch use without the need for both hands.

Adjustable Torch: The large nozzle produces a powerful flame, adjustable by turning the yellow nozzle counter-clockwise. Turn the nozzle fully to the right to turn off the flame.

Safety First: Do not keep the Raygun Torch lit for more than 30 seconds. Ensure the yellow butane nozzle is fully turned to the right to keep it off. Keep away from children and pets – this is not a toy. Use responsibly.

Sleek in Black: The THiCket Raygun Torch Lighter comes in a stylish black finish, combining functionality with a touch of elegance.


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